Antti Karsikas

architect SAFA, M.Sc.,


Hanna-Maija Tervo

architect SAFA, M.Sc.

Anni Saviaro

Student of architecture, B.Sc.


Head of Staff(y)

Kalle Vahtera

architect SAFA, M.Sc.,


Ville-Pekka Ikola

architect SAFA, M.Sc.,


Why alt?


Architecture is our passion.


Our staff are highly motivated and skilled architects and we are committed to our company, the quality of our work, and to the interest of our clients and our community.


What do we offer?


High-end architecture for all.


We design schools, kindergartens, homes, offices and healthcare buildings. Everyday stuff for the community, often with limited resources. But we do it with ambition and care. Because we care about our environment and we want to make spaces and cities better. For everyone.


Our focus is on our strengths: building design, concepts and content. Abundant success in architectural competitions and published work is an indication of the high quality we strive to in each task. In addition to quality of the end product, we emphasize the quality of the process and service as well.


Who are we?


Friends and colleagues.


The partners are a group of Finnish architects who started working together to participate in open architectural competitions. Soon we had success together as well as individually. After winning an open competition, we started alt Architects back in 2009.  We have collaborated with Architecture office Karsikas on many of our projects.


Ville-Pekka, Kalle and Antti started taking part in competitions together as architecture students and started alt after winning a competition to develop a new typology for assisted living. At around the same time Tuomas had been a part of a different team that won a competition to design the Saame Parliament in Inari and our firms worked in the same office space. Tuomas joined our team in 2015 and brings loads of new energy and skills. Together with our great staff we will continue to develop alt together in the future.


How do we work?


We think. Then we design.


We stress the importance of problem solving and thinking. We analyze the context carefully and draw conclusions from the brief, budget and the hopes and experience of our client and users. We experiment and think of alternative, new ways to approach each task. After finding a solution to your problem, we move on to 3d - Building information - modelling and design everything carefully in accordance with technical, legislative and industry demands. Attention to details and overseeing the construction phase make for a high quality end-product,  the finished building.


Our technical resources are top-notch - if needed, we can produce ambitious visualizations and digital building models up to a complete BIM standard. We have rigorous quality control and our experience with complex building design projects and diverse construction techniques help us minimize the typical difficulties during design processes.




Tuomas Niemelä

student of architecture


Anniina Valjus

architect SAFA, M.Sc.

Hanna-Kaisa Karppinen

student of architecture, B.Sc.


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